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Friday, October 17, 2008

How Offensive!!

I have to mention something about this picture and then of course give something comedic about the whole subject. This of course is a real non-doctored picture of an iceberg. I found this picture and then found out that some people find the 'penisberg' offensive. Well I guess I could see how you could feel that way if it was used in the wrong context, but if this thing floated by while you were on an Alaskan Cruiseliner you would have taken the picture too.
Anyways, people being alarmed about this picture are the same people that come to my High School where I teach and cry about our science department head's class room. You see, she has a penis bone from a Baleen Whale hanging from her ceiling and it is about 2 feet long. Well some students find it quite interesting and as you would probably think it is quite the conversation piece, that doesn't deter people from complaining however.
So just give it a break and for heavens sake people spend your complaining time complaining about something that has merit and not a biology teacher's classroom where you are bound to find something 'organ'ic anyways!


Angie and Mike said...

Jake, I know where to go for a good laugh. Your blog is hillarious! PS. Yes, I am a photographer... but I know exactly what you mean! EVERYONE thinks they are! Haha, even me. Keep me laughing! You have a dang cute family! Little Boys Rock! (I have three too!)