This is my personal blog. My wife does our family blog, but I'm so sick of hearing about all of these blogs I've never read or heard about that I thought I would start my own blog to let everybody know how they can make theirs better. Mostly thought I may just let people know why their blog either bugs me or just plain sucks. Please remember this is mostly in gist, however I really do think you people have a serious problem. My wife should not know the goings on about every person that lives in the biosphere. Of course without her constant browsing of your blogs, I wouldn't know why some of them bug me so much.

Stay Tuned, Yours may make an appearance.

By the way I don't care how many times youv'e been to Disney Land and I don't care when you are going back.

Saturday, November 1, 2008


So it is amazing how many people think that people want their advise. From the look of things people think that, since the whole world is connected by blogs now, they can bore us with their advice. Well since it is popular for some bloggers to give advice, let me turn around and do what I am whining about and give some advice. My advice is STOP GIVING ME POINTLESS ADVICE! Manners people should use are things you should whine about to your husband ( or wife) before you go to bed at night. Not being a complainer is something you should talk to your kids about. I guess if you dont' have either of these people in your life yet WRITE IN A JOURNAL OR A DIARY OR SOMETHING!

By the way I don't need any more people to tell me that I am a hypocrite because I make fun of blogs and stuff and yet I have one that I update. I have spent a total of 40 minutes on this thing after my wife put it together for me. Thats at least daily for some of you with the "Blog Fever". Remember I love you all.