This is my personal blog. My wife does our family blog, but I'm so sick of hearing about all of these blogs I've never read or heard about that I thought I would start my own blog to let everybody know how they can make theirs better. Mostly thought I may just let people know why their blog either bugs me or just plain sucks. Please remember this is mostly in gist, however I really do think you people have a serious problem. My wife should not know the goings on about every person that lives in the biosphere. Of course without her constant browsing of your blogs, I wouldn't know why some of them bug me so much.

Stay Tuned, Yours may make an appearance.

By the way I don't care how many times youv'e been to Disney Land and I don't care when you are going back.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

I thought God made us an intellegent species, but I was wrong!!

So I have been out of the loop lately! I still stand by my past posts however so don't think I went away because I didn't. I just didn't feel like I had any ammo for a good post. This changed in abrupt fashion however when I heard, and read, that Britany Spears is coming to concert in SLC and that some of you are Anueploid enough to pay money to go and see her.
I have a real problem with paying $100 for a concert ticket for anybody. It is a friggen rip off! I really take issue with people paying this to see Britany Spears!! She is the closest thing to a white trash circus side show that there is and people are willing to pay good money to go and see her. This is where I almost loose faith in humanity.
Britany Spears is a terrible mother, sister, daughter etc. etc. and yet YOU people continue to line her pockets with YOUR hard earned MONEY. Do you morons not realize you are the ones making her RICH or did you think your ticket money went to charity. This is what is wrong with society! the fact that people pay money to see concerts, movies etc. that these loosers provide for our enjoyment (whatever) is luticrous! People making people who don't deserve it rich beyond their wildest dreams, that is just great.
So I hope the next time Britany Spears is in the news for being a skank or acting like a fool you can pat yourself on the back and remember that you had just a little to do with providing the means for her to be what she is. A trailer trash skank laughing all the way to the bank on your buck. Good job America!! You might need your chromosomes counted!!