This is my personal blog. My wife does our family blog, but I'm so sick of hearing about all of these blogs I've never read or heard about that I thought I would start my own blog to let everybody know how they can make theirs better. Mostly thought I may just let people know why their blog either bugs me or just plain sucks. Please remember this is mostly in gist, however I really do think you people have a serious problem. My wife should not know the goings on about every person that lives in the biosphere. Of course without her constant browsing of your blogs, I wouldn't know why some of them bug me so much.

Stay Tuned, Yours may make an appearance.

By the way I don't care how many times youv'e been to Disney Land and I don't care when you are going back.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

I thought God made us an intellegent species, but I was wrong!!

So I have been out of the loop lately! I still stand by my past posts however so don't think I went away because I didn't. I just didn't feel like I had any ammo for a good post. This changed in abrupt fashion however when I heard, and read, that Britany Spears is coming to concert in SLC and that some of you are Anueploid enough to pay money to go and see her.
I have a real problem with paying $100 for a concert ticket for anybody. It is a friggen rip off! I really take issue with people paying this to see Britany Spears!! She is the closest thing to a white trash circus side show that there is and people are willing to pay good money to go and see her. This is where I almost loose faith in humanity.
Britany Spears is a terrible mother, sister, daughter etc. etc. and yet YOU people continue to line her pockets with YOUR hard earned MONEY. Do you morons not realize you are the ones making her RICH or did you think your ticket money went to charity. This is what is wrong with society! the fact that people pay money to see concerts, movies etc. that these loosers provide for our enjoyment (whatever) is luticrous! People making people who don't deserve it rich beyond their wildest dreams, that is just great.
So I hope the next time Britany Spears is in the news for being a skank or acting like a fool you can pat yourself on the back and remember that you had just a little to do with providing the means for her to be what she is. A trailer trash skank laughing all the way to the bank on your buck. Good job America!! You might need your chromosomes counted!!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Fred Young

My wife was looking at the class of 95 blog the day that the news about Fred Young was posted. She asked me if I knew him and I just replied, "of course". I think I asked if he had a blog and then she told me that he had been killed in a car crash with his future wife by a piece of crap drunk. I could not believe it! I know that a lot of people saw that news, read it and then just thought, "huh, that is too bad".
There are two people I respect more than any other people that I have ever met. One is a guy I used to work with that had come full circle from a life of major drug abuse, addiction, distribution and a really rough life. He is now a wonderful dad, works harder than anybody I have every met, except my dad, is humble (not forced), goes to the temple and teaches young people at church. People always talk about these people they respect on their blogs, like Oprah (loser) and other people who do nothing but talk big. Well the other person I respected more than anybody I can think of was Fred Young.
I knew Fred pretty much my whole life. I went to a couple of his birthday parties when I was little. I used to get so mad when I saw how people treated Fred that it just made my blood boil. If people had know how his home life was they would never have treated him with such disrespect and ignorance. I personally saw how he was treated at home and I will just leave it at that. Me and my cousin used to defend Fred at all cost's and always tried to help him after people got done teasing. Well I respected Fred because with all the vicissitudes that hampered his life, he faced them all with a smile and a tenacious determination that would not quit. I saw him go on his mission and I know from what others told me that he worked harder than anyone can imagine only to get sent home for health and personal reasons. He was mad that it happened, but could do nothing about it. I used to see him at UVSC every day while going to school and he put hours and hours upon hours into school with tutors and instructors so he could get through his work load of accounting classes to try and get a degree. He did this while he also worked full time hours into the night with maintenance for UVSC. It was amazing to see him get his degree in 2006 after working towards it for 8 years.
I know that he had a purpose to serve on the other side and I know he will do it with the same determination that he did on this world. I just wish I would have know that he died so I could have gone the service and paid respect.
These two people I talked about could teach people more about life and living than any of the lame celebrities and moron 'Sean Hanities' in the world. I just wish people would look at some of these examples and be more grateful about things instead of whining about how hard their "comfortable" life is!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

I think I found out why you could get addicted to blogging!

My wife was blogging lately (don't blame her she meant no harm) and she told me I needed to go to a blog because it was one of my good friends (mostly his wife's) blogs from highschool. Well it had been private previously and so she thought I should look now that it had become public. Well I must say that I could get a little addicted to blogging if I went to blogs like this often. It was amazing how hard I laughed at the blog I was reading. I read one part of the overly dramatic blog in a sarcastic voice to my wife and then told her that I was actually a little embarrased for the blogger in question. Nobody in their right mind should write these things on a blog. They should think about going private again because I felt like I was reading some melodramatic teenagers diary I found on accident. So laughing hysterically I finally realized how I could get addicted to blogs! Laughter like that has got to be healthy for the soul.

Special thanks to a certain Spanish Fork Class blog (it's not my year by the way) for letting my wife find this beauty.


So it is amazing how many people think that people want their advise. From the look of things people think that, since the whole world is connected by blogs now, they can bore us with their advice. Well since it is popular for some bloggers to give advice, let me turn around and do what I am whining about and give some advice. My advice is STOP GIVING ME POINTLESS ADVICE! Manners people should use are things you should whine about to your husband ( or wife) before you go to bed at night. Not being a complainer is something you should talk to your kids about. I guess if you dont' have either of these people in your life yet WRITE IN A JOURNAL OR A DIARY OR SOMETHING!

By the way I don't need any more people to tell me that I am a hypocrite because I make fun of blogs and stuff and yet I have one that I update. I have spent a total of 40 minutes on this thing after my wife put it together for me. Thats at least daily for some of you with the "Blog Fever". Remember I love you all.

Friday, October 17, 2008

How Offensive!!

I have to mention something about this picture and then of course give something comedic about the whole subject. This of course is a real non-doctored picture of an iceberg. I found this picture and then found out that some people find the 'penisberg' offensive. Well I guess I could see how you could feel that way if it was used in the wrong context, but if this thing floated by while you were on an Alaskan Cruiseliner you would have taken the picture too.
Anyways, people being alarmed about this picture are the same people that come to my High School where I teach and cry about our science department head's class room. You see, she has a penis bone from a Baleen Whale hanging from her ceiling and it is about 2 feet long. Well some students find it quite interesting and as you would probably think it is quite the conversation piece, that doesn't deter people from complaining however.
So just give it a break and for heavens sake people spend your complaining time complaining about something that has merit and not a biology teacher's classroom where you are bound to find something 'organ'ic anyways!

Monday, October 13, 2008

We may think we are proper, but we still talk like we are from utah! WOOO!

It's pretty funny to read some things people say. We all try to be so eloquent when we talk on our blogs. We try to use word that sound inspiring and enlightening. Also we use big ones like viciccitude, quandry, and urethra to sound intelegent. Really though I love it when I read stuff like:

Football has began!

We aren't doing nothing!

How come? Seriously what does how come mean? How come? Are we from cleveland?

I thought people couldn't seriously have spelled the names of their own kids right on their blogs, until I remembered it is one of those mormonism's to spell your kids name as bass ackwards as you can so their teacher gets the "brain locked" look on their face when they read it for the first time at school.

I realize I am one of the prime offenders in the grammar game. It is just one of those funny things we don't realize we are doing, but is funny when it happens.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

I'll decide if your kids are cute

Do people really think that they have to tell me how cute they think their own kids are. Do you think that if you tell me this over and over I will believe you. I am not an aneuploid! I will decide if I think your kids are cute. You do not need to placate me and then figure I will just believe you because you said so. So keep posting the pictures, but if they are not cute I will probably not be side swiped by you saying they are.