This is my personal blog. My wife does our family blog, but I'm so sick of hearing about all of these blogs I've never read or heard about that I thought I would start my own blog to let everybody know how they can make theirs better. Mostly thought I may just let people know why their blog either bugs me or just plain sucks. Please remember this is mostly in gist, however I really do think you people have a serious problem. My wife should not know the goings on about every person that lives in the biosphere. Of course without her constant browsing of your blogs, I wouldn't know why some of them bug me so much.

Stay Tuned, Yours may make an appearance.

By the way I don't care how many times youv'e been to Disney Land and I don't care when you are going back.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

I'll decide if your kids are cute

Do people really think that they have to tell me how cute they think their own kids are. Do you think that if you tell me this over and over I will believe you. I am not an aneuploid! I will decide if I think your kids are cute. You do not need to placate me and then figure I will just believe you because you said so. So keep posting the pictures, but if they are not cute I will probably not be side swiped by you saying they are.